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  The Pumpkin Patch

 Our pumpkin patch and our "Fall Family Fun" events are closed for 2014.  Thank you so much for coming out and enjoying our farm.  We have enjoyed listening to the heartwarming laughter of people having a great time together.


We have a kid friendly corn maze, a straw bale tube slide, play in our corn pools, paint your own pumpkin, and the so much fun apple sling shot again this year.  $5.00 admission (2 & under free).  Lots of mums, corn stalks, indian corn, pumpkins, gourds and fall/halloween decor inside. Open weekends starting Sept 27th - Saturday 9-5, Sunday 10-5 thru October 26th.

This year Family Tree Farm features a "who dunit" in our kid friendly corn maze. Fun for all ages.  Farmer Joe is missing and there are seven farm animal suspects that need to be investigated.  Players collect all the clues in the corn maze and try to solve the mystery.


 Pick you own popcorn! The popcorn will need to dry a couple weeks before you can pop it - but it's great to keep on hand for a chilly fall evening. Get the kids to shell it off the cob after it has dried. The great thing about picking your own popcorn is that you can control what you put on it. Our family's favorite recipe is:

Shell dried popcorn off the cob, 1/2 cup makes a nice bowl of popped popcorn. Put about 3 to 4 Tbs Oil (use your favorite - Wildtree makes an excellent natural butter flavor grapeseed oil) in a 3 quart pan with a lid. Heat at medium high heat - put a couple kernels of popcorn in the pan, place the lid on - when it starts to pop, put the rest in. Shake on the hot stovetop until the popping slows. Take off the burner - make sure it has stopped popping - pour it into a bowl and add what you want. We don't even use butter - just a little salt and parmesan cheese - yummy!

Call Karen with questions at 717-332-6365

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